Social In-Stream Advertising Offers Many Perks, Challenges

Social In-Stream Advertising Offers Many Perks, Challenges

Heineken explores the emerging ad format

An interview with:
Frank Amorese
Senior Media Director
Heineken USA

Social platforms could look a lot like Netflix in the future. As evidenced by Snapchat Discover, Twitter’s live programming, Facebook Watch and now Instagram's IGTV, the biggest social players are exploring TV-style content, which signals that more in-stream video advertising opportunities are on the way. Frank Amorese, senior media director at Heineken USA, spoke with eMarketer’s Tricia Carr about what’s to come for in-stream advertising in the social sphere. Amorese was interviewed as part of eMarketer’s August report, "Video Ads in Social Media 2018: Shows Are Everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter—But Are People Watching?"


Are in-stream ads on social platforms attractive to you as an advertiser?

Frank Amorese:

It’s something we're very interested in. The viewability of ads in the newsfeed is limited, and we understand why it's limited. A lot of factors have to be right for people to spend a lot of time with your ads in the newsfeed.

We see in-stream, mid-roll ads as a way to get a little bit more time with the audience, and in a way that’s not too intrusive. Usually people are invested in the content, so a short ad break isn't too much of a negative user experience.

As an alcoholic beverage advertiser, these ad products make it to us a little bit later on down the line. We want to test in-stream ads on Facebook, but they have to make sure the targeting is done right.


Aside from honing the targeting, what else do social platforms have to do to prove their shows are good places for in-stream advertising?

Interview conducted on June 28, 2018

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