Q&A: Just Salad’s First CMO on Carbon Labeling and Ongoing Sustainability Efforts

Earlier this month, Just Salad appointed its first CMO, Andy Rooks, to help bolster its sustainability efforts, new product launches and overall consumer awareness.

We spoke with Rooks about the brand’s new carbon-labeling initiative and his vision for the company.

What are you hoping to bring to the table, as the first CMO?

In addition to creating a stronger, more focused brand voice, I’m excited about our recent concept, Just Grocery. We’re providing the healthy options and convenience of our restaurant in this new format—and we’re continuing to build out that offering.

From a technology perspective, there are some great things on the horizon that I can’t speak to just yet. But in terms of the way we’re utilizing technology, and the shift in how people are ordering from us, we want to be right there with them and give them tools that work.

Just Grocery is a good example of how the company has pivoted over the past few months. Will this initiative have staying power post-pandemic?

The way people shop for food has changed, and the launch of Just Grocery has spoken volumes for the fact that we’re plugged into that change and able to pivot quickly.

As for whether online grocery will remain part of the business, we’re here to bring healthy options and convenience to people in whatever way, shape or form that takes in the future. Groceries will be a part of that moving forward.

Another key initiative Just Salad has been working on is carbon labeling. Tell us more about that.

This is actually one of the reasons I joined the brand, for its focus on sustainability. It’s so important to our future, not just of our business or of the industry, but the future of the world at large. We’re always looking for ways to grow our sustainability efforts, and carbon labeling is just one of them.

Our carbon-labeling efforts are going to launch at the end of September. Not sure how much else I’m allowed to divulge, but I will say that carbon labeling is one of many sustainability initiatives we have, and it’s going to be a major part of our voice.

Will sustainability be a key focus for the brand?

Sustainability is a huge part of what makes Just Salad special. As we continue to focus on our brand voice, we want to make sure that sustainability is a big part of that. Carbon labeling is a great way to show that we’re not just talk—we are action.