Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

How Mobile-First Indexing and New Technologies Like Instant Apps Are Changing the Game

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While much attention is paid to native mobile apps, the mobile web is still a primary way to connect with audiences. This report focuses on ways that marketers can address mobile-first indexing and new technologies like Android Instant Apps to better engage consumers.

  • While smartphone users spend the majority of their time in-app, the mobile web still represents an incredibly helpful channel to connect with customers and drive them further down the funnel, especially following a search.
  • Google’s ongoing shift to mobile-first indexing means webpages will be increasingly judged by their mobile websites, and not those intended for desktop. Marketers should embrace responsive web design and good mobile search engine optimization (SEO) strategies as a result.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) give webmasters and developers a new way to keep page load times down, thereby increasing user engagement and conversions while lowering bounce rates.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a way that new technologies can give mobile web users an experience closer to that of a native app, while eliminating possible friction points like being routed to an app store and downloading a large file.
  • Similarly, Android Instant Apps are another way to ease the customer journey by reducing the size of a native app to make it easier to engage with. These apps can improve the user experience, but can also improve native app user acquisition campaigns.

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