Meet the Analyst Webinar: The ROI of Customer Experience | On-Demand

Made possible by Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience

There are so many areas in which a brand can optimize customer experience (CX) from email communication to on-website experience and even post-purchase care. But for companies looking to invest in customer experience, where can they expect the best return on investment?

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, eMarketer’s principal analyst Jeremy Goldman broke down the areas that are worth the investment, and how to effectively quantify your ROI.

Watch this webinar, made possible by Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience, and explore:

  • How leading brands are calculating the value of CX to their bottom line
  • Top areas and channels to target your spend, such as email and SMS marketing
  • Whether to make incremental improvements in all facets of CX—or to focus on becoming best-in-class in one area

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