Marketers’ Roundtable: Your Data-Driven Marketing Is Only as Strong as the Tech Stack That Supports It

How B2Bs overcome integration challenges

Kelvin Gee
Senior Director, Modern Marketing Business Transformation
Kyle Gesuelli
Head of Growth
Anish Jariwala
Senior Director, Digital Marketing Strategy and Insights
Brandon Jensen
Director, Marketing Operations
Gavin Warrener
Director, B2B Demand Generation and Integrated Marketing, T-Mobile for Business

In a perfect world, customer data should drive everything a business-to-business (B2B) marketer does, but that's easier said than done. When marketers take the first steps to implement or improve data management practices, they learn an important lesson: A data management strategy is only as robust as the technology that supports it. eMarketer’s Jillian Ryan spoke with five B2B brand marketing leaders about how they pushed through barriers, implementing marketing technology solutions at their organizations that integrate disparate data sources and make audience data actionable for advanced and targeted marketing practices. These interviews were conducted as part of our July report, "B2B Marketing Data: Capturing and Managing Data for Actionable Insights."


What are some of the main technologies in your stack to date?

Kyle Gesuelli:

Today, as marketers become so much more data literate, we can use tools to do analysis that only engineers could manage five to 10 years ago. At, we capture all client-level data and activity through a customer data platform, and every tool we use from a communication standpoint is connected to that system, including email, automation, customer support, social media advertising, CRM [customer relationship management] and our sales engagement platform.

Interview conducted on May 21, 2018

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