Loyalty Programs Depend on Data, and Getting Data Depends on Trust

Loyalty Programs Depend on Data, and Getting Data Depends on Trust

The key to the modern loyalty program

An interview with:
Guy Cierzan
Executive Vice President and Managing Director
ICF Olson

Loyalty programs ask for consumers' personal information in exchange for something of value, whether that's a discount or a better brand experience. The basis of that value exchange relies on consumer trust, according to Guy Cierzan, executive vice president and managing director at Minneapolis digital agency ICF Olson. eMarketer's Patricia Orsini spoke with Cierzan about how brands can develop and maintain that trust and strengthen their loyalty programs as a result. He was interviewed as part of eMarketer's July report, "Loyalty Marketing: Data Fuels Personalization Strategies and Better User Experiences."


It's so important to get that first engagement with a consumer right—to make a good first impression, so to speak. How does a brand make sure its first encounter with a consumer is not its last?

Guy Cierzan:

In that moment, when somebody raises their hand and opts in to a loyalty program, you start to establish a level of trust with that customer. The idea that they'll get some value in this exchange—that notion of reciprocity and building trust vis-a-vis the loyalty program—is the element that ultimately allows customer data to be enriched over time.

Interview conducted on May 30, 2018

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