Looking Back at the Top Retail Podcasts of 2019

A lot has happened in the retail space in the past 12 months. Nordstrom opened up its flagship store in New York City around the same time that brick and mortar veterans like Barney’s are closing up shop. More consumers got comfortable with buy online, pick up in-store (BOPUS)—especially as more brands adopted the service—and retailers such as Banana Republic and Bloomingdale's rolled out their own clothing rental services hoping to gain mass market appeal.

Let's take a look back at some of the most popular retail podcasts that published this year:

What Should the In-Store Retail Experience Look Like?

eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman discusses what made the Apple Store so successful, which retailers are nailing the in-store experience, McDonald’s voice-activated drive-thrus, Walmart’s ecommerce initiatives and more.

Are Food Delivery Drivers Eating My Meal?

Marketer junior forecasting analyst Nazmul Islam and principal analyst Andrew Lipsman tell us the likelihood that your food delivery driver has eaten some of your meal. How are people using food delivery apps, and how can they make the unit economics work for everyone?

Trying on Apparel Subscriptions

eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman joins us to discuss the latest in clothing subscriptions. Why are retailers like Urban Outfitters getting into this business? What consumer trends are fueling these companies’ decisions? And what the heck is a “rundle”?

Did Amazon Change Its Algorithm to Favor Profitable Products?

eMarketer principal analysts Andrew Lipsman and Nicole Perrin discuss a recent report from The Wall Street Journal indicating that Amazon tweaked its algorithm to favor profitable, Amazon-branded products, the significance of consumers scaling back spending post-summer sales, Americans’ thoughts on meal kits and more.

What Brick-and-Mortar Retail 2.0 Will Look Like

eMarketer executive editor Rimma Kats and principal analyst Andrew Lipsman discuss what brick-and-mortar retail 2.0 will look like. They then talk about the implications of a controversial Peloton ad, what's going on with package theft, Away's CEO stepping down and how much returns matter.

Facebook's Vision for 'Friction-Free' Retail

In this episode of "Behind the Numbers," we sit down for a conversation with Facebook's Martin Gilliard to discuss innovation at the nexus of commerce and marketing.

Getting RealReal about Recommerce

eMarketer principal retail analyst Andrew Lipsman explains why second-hand shopping is bouncing back, and gives the most important takeaways from Walmart, Macy’s and J.C. Penney’s Q2 financials. He also explains how much ratings and reviews affect a company’s revenue, which US stores are closing down the fastest and who people are most likely to trust for shopping recommendations.

Is Online Grocery Shopping About to Shift Gears?

In this episode of “Behind the Numbers,” we sit down with Mike Molitor, head of ecommerce and loyalty at supermarket chain Raley’s, to discuss his aggressive vision for the future of digital grocery.

Vancouver Retailer Looks to Be Definite Article in D2C Furniture Business

Andy Prochazka, co-founder and CMO of Canadian online furniture retailer Article, joins us to discuss the ins and outs of selling high-end sofas, chairs and dining room sets directly to consumers.

Will US Retailers Ring in the First Trillion-Dollar Holiday Season?

eMarketer vice president of forecasting Monica Peart guest-hosts a discussion on the 2019 holiday shopping season, featuring principal analyst Andrew Lipsman, senior forecasting analyst Cindy Liu and forecasting analyst Vincent Yip.