On-Demand, Analyst Webinar: New Ad Opportunities in Maps and Navigation Apps

On-Demand, Analyst Webinar: New Ad Opportunities in Maps and Navigation Apps

How Discovery, Exploration Features Open Up Ad Opportunities


Maps and navigation apps have been a central feature of smartphones since the first iPhone, but they still account for a small percentage of mobile advertising. By most indications, advertising within these apps will only grow due to new advertising options and map integrations. In this eMarketer Analyst Webinar, Yory Wurmser, eMarketer principal analyst, examines advertising and marketing opportunities in the major map and navigation apps.

Register here for this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The state of the map and navigation app market
  • A breakdown of how major mobile advertising formats function, what works and why
  • Key takeaways for marketers looking to leverage these apps and maximize exposure

Yory Wurmser is principal mobile analyst with eMarketer, the leading research firm for digital marketers. He writes reports that answer three core questions for mobile marketers and strategists: how consumers spend their mobile media time, what marketers are doing to reach consumers, and how mobile technology may develop in the near-future. Recent reports have covered maps and advertising, visual search and mobile time spent.

Hervé Utheza is head of media, advertising & telco at HERE Technologies, and is responsible for the global sales, go-to-market strategy and innovation for the company’s location solutions. His core responsibilities are maximizing the value across the media & advertising ecosystem through development and implementation of strategic commercial initiatives.

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