CPG Ecommerce Channels Like Amazon Lack Data Visibility

CPG Ecommerce Channels Like Amazon Lack Data Visibility

But brand-owned ecommerce can't compete on scale, says popchips

An interview with:
Marc Seguin

As ecommerce ramps up in the packaged foods sector, CPG marketers must enter this new playing field where the competition for consumers’ attention is fierce. eMarketer’s Tricia Carr spoke with Marc Seguin, CMO of snackmaker popchips, about how the brand balances first-party and third-party ecommerce so it can effectively and efficiently fight to stand out in the digital aisle.


What’s the biggest challenge that has emerged for popchips with the growth of ecommerce in the grocery sector?

Marc Seguin:

The biggest strategic challenge we’re faced with is: Do we invest in our own ecommerce platform and build out a controlled environment, or do we go with a platform like Amazon to tap into their giant scale?

Interview conducted on November 13, 2017

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