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eMarketer: UK Consumers Spend over 9 Hours per Day Consuming Media

Daily time spent with digital media continues rapid growth

LONDON, UK (October 16, 2014) — According to the latest time spent with media forecasts from eMarketer, the average time spent consuming major media per day for the average UK adult consumer will reach 9 hours, 6 minutes in 2014, up from 8 hours, 35 minutes last year.

The total amount of time spent with media reflects simultaneous consumption and is likely longer than most people spend consuming media daily. For example, if a person uses a mobile device for 1 hour while watching television, it counts as 1 hour for each activity, or 2 hours total. The estimates do not attempt to define a primary focus during simultaneous usage.

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Dan Marcec
Director, Public Relations

Denise Duffy
Director, Public Relations

Posted on October 16, 2014.