Television Update Spring 2018

Advanced TV Targeting and Cross-Platform Deals at the Upfronts/NewFronts

About This Report
Advanced targeting on TV and cross-screen placement of video ads are hot advertising topics. This report examines their likely influence on deals conducted during the 2018-2019 TV Upfronts, Digital NewFronts and beyond
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TV networks are offering a wide array of advanced TV targeting products as part of the 2018-2019 TV Upfront deal-making. How will these products bolster TV ad sales? Here’s what marketers should know about what’s happening with advanced TV targeting deals at the national level, as well as the new developments for digital video in this year’s TV Upfronts and Digital NewFronts.

  • TV networks are increasingly offering advanced TV targeting to bolster ad revenues in an environment where TV spend is leveling off or in slight decline.
  • Advanced TV targeting mixes consumer and TV viewing data to make ad inventory more like digital: highly targeted and performance accountable. And while advertisers and media agencies acknowledge its value, it will be some time before it supplants age/gender counts as the standard for audience guarantees.
  • Advanced targeting offerings during this year’s TV Upfronts will be plentiful, but will account for a relatively small portion of deals.
  • Purchase of digital video ad inventory in advance of audience delivery during the TV Upfronts and Digital NewFronts is expected to be no more than 20% of this year’s total spend, vs. TV’s level of 55% or more.
  • In the future, advertisers may make more advance purchases of digital video ads to address the increasing scarcity of TV ad impressions, especially among younger viewers.

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