On-Demand, Tech Talk Tuesday Webinar: How to Optimize Your Product Content

On-Demand, Tech Talk Tuesday Webinar: How to Optimize Your Product Content

Learn how to build a winning strategy with data-driven insights

Nine billion devices, including smartphones and computers, are in use today and connecting your shoppers to immediate information to meet their needs. That number is set to grow to 50 billion by 2025. Having the comprehensive and relevant digital content to answer that demand is the key to a successful modern brand.

In this on-demand Tech Talk Tuesday webinar, Rob Gonzalez, a co-founder at Salsify, shares the keys to creating a successful product content strategy based on insight from leading brands and more than 30 million product pages.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to improve your search rank, conversion rates, and sales revenue with better product content
  • Case studies from leading brands on the adoption of product experience management
  • Which KPIs are most valuable for your brand to track in order to improve content

Click here to download a PDF of the presentation.

Rob Gonzalez is a co-founder of Salsify, a cloud-based platform that helps brands and retailers create, manage, and share all product content across the supply chain. Hundreds of brands with millions of products use Salsify, including Coca Cola, 3M, L’Oreal, Lego, and GSK.

Ezra Palmer is executive producer of multimedia at eMarketer. He moderates eMarketer Live’s Tech Talk Tuesday and Analyst webinar programs, and is a frequent guest on eMarketer’s Behind the Numbers podcast series.

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