On-Demand, Meet the Analyst Webinar: Audience Segmentation and Targeting in Today’s Digitally-Driven, Customer-Obsessed World

For most marketers hoping to keep pace with today’s competitive, rapidly changing landscape, customer experience initiatives have become the norm. But before marketers can build deeper, more relevant experiences for their customers, they must first identify them.

In this Meet the Analyst webinar, eMarketer principal analyst Lauren Fisher discussed how marketers are crafting audience segments for addressable media using a host of first-, second- and third-party data types.

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Made possible by Sitecore, this video webinar explores:

  • Why proper audience segmentation is critical for brands, and how marketers are managing this today
  • Best practices from marketers on what types of data sets they are using to segment and target audiences today, and how they’re pulling them together
  • Plus! Sean Rusinko, director of industry strategy - retail, travel and hospitality at Sitecore, joins the conversation

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