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Research shows that consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the content is personalized. However, creating just the right content for every channel, every device, and every customer isn’t easy. The common challenge for marketing and IT is to deliver rapidly adaptable experiences based on customer preferences and behaviors to help tell your story at every step of the customer journey.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar presentation featuring Josh van Tonder, group manager of product marketing at Adobe. Josh was joined by Steve Schultz, head of marketing technology, and Bill Phillips, applications manager, both at Esri, a geographic information software company. For this Tech-Talk Webinar presentation, they shared how they’re transforming their business based on contextual content.

View the webinar and learn:

  • How the delivery of relevant content at the right time can drive exceptional customer experiences
  • How you can increase efficiencies and reduce time to market
  • How to use integrated data to personalize across channels
  • Best practices used by innovative brands like Esri


Josh van Tonder is group manager, product marketing at Adobe. Josh works across multiple elements of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) business, but also focuses on helping customers bring to life digital experiences that bridge both the online and physical worlds. He’s also worked in engineering, consulting and industry marketing roles. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS in computer science from the University of Minnesota.

Bill Phillips is applications manager at Esri. As an IT professional, Bill works on everything from infrastructure to applications to managing development teams in an effort to improve how people work, reduce overlap and create efficiencies. He’s been at Esri for more than 15 years and has spent the last four years running the marketing team’s web presence. Bill has an MBA in Information Systems and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Steve Schultz is head of marketing technology at Esri. Steve is a technologist with over 20 years of experience working in digital transformation, marketing and operations. He manages the data analytics and reporting, digital advertising, web development, marketing automation and change management teams. In his free time, Steve is an avid fly fisherman, paddle boarder, photographer and filmmaker.

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