How In-Store Tech Bugs Impact Sales

How In-Store Tech Bugs Impact Sales

Tech malfunctions can erode brand confidence

As in-store tech becomes widespread, some glitches are bound to occur. But how many and how often?

A May 2018 survey from intelligent support platform Boomtown found that 80.9% of US internet users have run into inefficient or malfunctioning tech while shopping or dining. For another 58.9%, this has occurred multiple times.

Some bugs actually cost sales. The study found that 25% had a left a store or restaurant without making a purchase after a technology problem.

Other bugs merely inconvenience consumers. But those inconveniences have repercussions, the study found. Respondents said after a tech snafu they make fewer purchases, visit less frequently and won’t recommend the brand as often to others.

Meanwhile, a positive tech experience was found to bolster brand affinity. Close to half (46%) of respondents said efficient tech raises confidence in the brand, which is turn leads to frequent visits (44%), purchases (41%) and recommendations (43%).

According to a separate study, this one by InMoment in December 2017, problems with in-store technology are not as serious as problematic interactions with retail staffers. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of US internet users surveyed by InMoment said interactions with staff, contributed to a negative in-store experience. In contrast, just 7% said technology in-store was to blame for poor experience. 

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