August 12, 2021

What Is the Most Influential Content When Making Beauty, Health, and Wellness Purchasing Decisions According to Consumers in Australia, the UK, and the US? (% of respondents, June 2021)


Data is from an August 2021 Stackla report titled "Post-Pandemic Shifts in Consumer Shopping Habits: Authenticity, Personalization and the Power of UGC." 2,042 consumers ages in the US, the UK, and Australia were surveyed online during May-June 2021 by Infosurv. Respondents were located in the US (n=1,015), the UK (n=517), and Australia (n=510), were ages 18-55, used social media (browse or post) at least once a week, and have purchased items other than just food delivery or groceries online in the past 3 months. Stackla is a user-generated content (UCG) platform.