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  • Tuesday, July 15, 2014
  • No Thanks, Mobile Browsers—There's an App for That

    Mobile continues to claim more of consumers' time spent with digital media. However, mobile apps are the real success story, as they now grab the majority of digital time.

  • UK Senior Shoppers Increasingly Embracing Digital

    Seniors in the UK are more likely to shop in-store than online, but they are displaying an increasing desire to shop digitally. The attitudes of many over-54s toward online shopping are quite expansive, and many are willing to involve digital at some point in their shopping journey.

  • Southeast Sees Most Internet Action in Brazil

    The Southeast of Brazil, which has the largest population out of the country's five regions, is also home to the biggest share of desktop internet users. Broken down by state, the Southeastern states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro land at the top of the list. However, there are some signs of growth in the South and Northeast.

  • Monday, July 14, 2014
  • Execs to Marketers: Show Me the Metrics

    The pressure is on when it comes to measuring and proving the impact of marketing efforts, and marketers are reporting metrics to their leadership teams more frequently as a result. Though many believe they're able to effectively present results, challenges still exist—specifically, those related to data.

  • Are Tablet-Toting Kids Playing Outside This Summer?

    Summer is in full swing, but is rising tablet ownership among households with children limiting kids' time spent outside during these warmer months—or with their traditional toys in general? According to the majority of parents, it's not.

  • Over 2 Million Daily Mobile Web Users in Denmark

    Almost half the adult population in Denmark goes online via mobile every day, with younger users in the vanguard. Consumers still tend to conduct online activities on a computer, but when they do log on via mobile, they're more likely to visit social sites and check the news than do their banking.

  • Friday, July 11, 2014
  • Overspending? File that Under #MotherProblems

    The majority of mothers cite overspending on extra, unplanned items as the most frustrating part of shopping with or for their family. And all of this spending adds up, with research finding that mothers spend thousands of dollars annually on unexpected purchases.

  • Mobile, Connected TVs Help Drive Video Consumption

    In an interview with eMarketer, Ran Harnevo, president of video at AOL, discusses how the rise of mobile and connected TV consumption is changing the digital video streaming landscape.

  • In Poland, Złoty Making Moves on Mobile

    Mobile banking is on the rise in Poland, and it's close to becoming a majority activity. Usage is also frequent, with research finding that more than four in five internet users in the country use their smartphone or tablet for banking at least once a week.

  • Ad Spend Stragglers in APAC Can't Catch Up to Leaders

    Advertisers in Asia-Pacific will spend $152.00 billion on all paid media channels this year, according to eMarketer estimates, and China will account for about one-third of that total. Though ad spending growth will be higher in less developed markets—especially Indonesia—more developed countries will remain on top through 2018.

  • Thursday, July 10, 2014
  • Commitment Issues? Not for Netflix, Hulu Fans

    The US digital video market is booming, and soaring subscriber numbers for Netflix and Hulu are one piece of evidence, according to a new eMarketer report. Why the jump? More people are gravitating toward full-length content as opposed to shorter clips.

  • Hearts Not Racing for Online Dating

    While online dating has been a hot topic for some time and is very much accepted these days, just one-fifth of US internet users have used an online dating site or app. But this doesn't mean that consumers aren't warming up to the idea.

  • Should Physical Retailers in the UK Shut App Shop?

    Smartphones are becoming increasingly influential in the retail journey of many UK consumers. When it comes to accessing retailer content via these mobile devices, apps come in a very distant second to mobile sites.

  • In Canada, Digital's Share of Ad Spend Lags US

    Despite strong gains in digital ad spending in Canada, the country still trails the US when it comes to online and mobile spend as a percentage of total ad investments, according to eMarketer estimates. Last year, the US was slightly ahead in this metric, and the gap will widen in the coming years.

  • Long Hike for Internet Usage in Peru

    Peru ranks seventh for internet users in Latin America. PCs still drive internet usage, with mobile devices representing a mere 10.9% of traffic. And, reflecting the early stages in which this market is, web users are predominantly young and male and spend most of their time on social.

  • Wednesday, July 09, 2014
  • Global Ad Spending Growth to Double This Year

    Advertisers worldwide will spend $545.40 billion on paid media in 2014, according to new figures from eMarketer, up 5.7% over last year. As consumers globally shift their attention to digital devices, steady increases in online and mobile advertising will drive continued growth.

  • How Not to Annoy Grocery Shoppers via Mobile

    Digital technology hasn't stopped most shoppers from grocery shopping in stores, but because of smartphones, that in-store shopping experience is changing, according to a new eMarketer report. As brands get better at leveraging their understanding of consumer behavior, data and technology, they are able to provide shoppers info and deals when they are most likely to respond to it: in the supermarket aisle.

  • More than Luck for Mobile in Ireland

    In Ireland, smartphone and tablet adoption have each grown rapidly over the past two years, with ownership coming in at 75% and 54%, respectively. These high ownership levels have fueled mobile device usage during TV time.

  • No Stopping Smartphone Shipments in China

    Smartphone shipments in China dwarf those in all other countries worldwide. And according to research, the nation will continue to dominate in number of smartphones shipped over the next several years.

  • Tuesday, July 08, 2014
  • Owners Ditch Mobile Devices Before Terrible Twos

    Mobile contracts typically last two years, but according to research, that isn't necessarily preventing consumers from switching to the latest trendy device. In fact, nearly half of smartphone and tablet owners replace their devices within two years of ownership.

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