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  • Monday, October 20, 2014
  • YouTube Content Creator Channels Help Marketers Get in on the Right Action

    YouTube's unmatched range of content means marketers can find nearly every interest group and demographic among the site's visitors. The top content creators on YouTube have their own channels, and that structure gives marketers a distinct focus for ad placement. According to a new eMarketer report, the value of these specific content creators and their channels is their ability to give marketers a worthy mix of context and audience.

  • Branches Still Trump Digital for Banking … Sometimes

    Consumers are still most likely to go to a branch to conduct banking activities, but when it comes to frequency, online banking wins in weekly usage—by a long shot. Even mobile banking—not nearly as popular as online or physical, likely a result of security concerns—tops the branch in weekly usage.

  • Europe's Online Video Market Poised for Further Growth

    As Netflix expands in Europe, avid consumers are watching more video than ever before, boosting associated revenues to new highs. Most of the revenue growth in Europe will be associated with online subscription video-on-demand and ad-supported video.

  • Australia's Digital Buyers Look Overseas for Purchases

    Over one-quarter of digital buyers in Australia have made a cross-border purchase. Men are more likely than women to have done so. And while the youngest online buyers are especially fond of purchasing from abroad, even older shoppers show impressive levels of cross-border buying.

  • Friday, October 17, 2014
  • Social Marketing 2015: The Key to ROI Will Come from Within

    For as long as social media marketing has been around, marketers have struggled with how to determine return on investment. According to a new eMarketer report, in 2015, marketers will finally start to realize that the answers to measuring social media success will come from internal metrics, rather than external.

  • Discover Tests Wearable Apps for Google Glass and Watches

    Discover launched a Google Glass app earlier this year to let cardholders access basic account-related information. Mike Boush, chief digital officer at Discover, tells eMarketer that the credit card company wants to learn as much as it can about wearables as the trend gathers steam.

  • Position Is Huge for Smartphone Search Ad CTRs

    Across mobile and desktop, paid search campaign clickthrough rates are highest for first-position ads—and this is especially prominent on smartphones. In all, search ads in the first position on smartphones account for close to 40% of clickthroughs.

  • Rapid Smartphone Growth Drives Mobile Spend in Mexico

    Within the digital ad space in Mexico, mobile is the fastest-growing sector as marketers seek to keep up with a fast-growing smartphone user base. However, it's still early days for the channel.

  • Will France's Consumers Buy In to Contactless Payments?

    Consumers in France are well aware of contactless payment cards, and nearly half who know about the payment method actually use it. Contactless payments' speediness could help drive usage, as the country's consumers say saving time is the top advantage to completing a transaction this way.

  • Thursday, October 16, 2014
  • US Programmatic Ad Spend Tops $10 Billion This Year, to Double by 2016

    According to new eMarketer estimates, US programmatic digital display ad spend will grow 137.1% to eclipse $10 billion this year, or 45.0% of the digital display ad market. Significant growth will come from programmatic direct, expected to reach $8.57 billion in spending by 2016, or 42.0% of the US programmatic market—up from 8.0% this year.

  • Is the iPad Market Saturated?

    The number of iPad users in the US grew nearly 30% in 2013, but this will drop to just 5.7% this year—and continue falling through 2018, eMarketer estimates. Less than one-quarter of the US population and just over three in 10 internet users will use an iPad in 2014—shares that will remain steady throughout our forecast period. Overall, there will be 147.1 million tablet users in the country this year.

  • Mobile Scores with NFL Fans

    Mobile is now part of National Football League (NFL) fans' game day routines. Of the 71% of NFL fans who engage with their mobile devices on game days, more than half do so five or more times. What are they doing when their attention is on the smaller screen? Sending texts and logging on to social media are the two most common activities.

  • South Korea Is World's Most Mobile-Oriented Digital Ad Market

    Advertisers in South Korea will devote nearly 40% of digital ad dollars to mobile in 2014, eMarketer estimates. While South Korea trailed the US and Japan by this metric last year, it has pulled into the lead this year. The US is close behind—for now. Next year, South Korea is expected to widen the gap slightly, and will maintain leadership by this metric through the end of our forecast period.

  • Canadian Language Divide Persists on Mobile

    French speakers in Canada are less likely to use mobile devices than their English-speaking counterparts. This is especially true on smartphones, with English speakers 34.7% more likely than francophones to own such a device. But when it comes to smartphone activities, language doesn't play a huge role; texting, accessing the internet and checking email are the top use cases.

  • UK Consumers Spend over 9 Hours per Day Consuming Media

    This year, UK adult consumers will spend an average of 9 hours, 6 minutes daily consuming major media, according to new eMarketer estimates. The amount of time UK consumers spend with digital media has grown rapidly over the past four years and will total 4 hours, 5 minutes per day in 2014. Continued smartphone and tablet adoption has boosted time spent with activities across mobile devices, which will grow 34.8% this year.

  • Wednesday, October 15, 2014
  • How Will 4G Adoption Affect Mobile Video?

    4G networks are well developed in only a handful of markets, but one thing seems certain: When consumers on mobile devices are given access to faster networks, they use more data. According to a new eMarketer report, widespread 4G will likely have the greatest effect on mobile video consumption, which has already become a standard element of mobile behavior in well-developed mobile markets.

  • Good News: Publishers and Media Buyers Both Like Native Ads

    Native ads aren't going away any time soon, with recent figures estimating US native ad spending would rise from $1.3 billion to $9.4 billion between 2013 and 2018. The majority of publishers now offer a native ad solution, and an additional one-fifth plan to do so over the next few years at most. The other side of the ad world agrees: Almost 75% of media buyers employ native advertising. When deciding where to run such ads, buyers care most about audience.

  • UK Millennial Travelers Are More Mobile and More Social

    Digital travel sales in the UK continue to rise slowly but steadily. And while the majority of digital bookings still happen on the more traditional PC and laptop platforms, mobile is a much bigger influence among millennials. This demographic also relies more heavily on social media for its travel research needs.

  • Connected TV Users in Argentina Get Smart (TVs)

    Connected TV usage in Argentina is still low, but among households who do connect their televisions to the internet, smart TVs are the most common connection type. While connected TVs aren't just for video viewing, consumers are most likely to use them to stream movies, TV series and YouTube videos.

  • Southeast Asia Dominates in Mobile App Downloads per User

    The US may be home to the highest share of mobile app downloads, but Southeast Asian countries are tops for downloads per user. Malaysia leads the pack, with nearly 5 apps downloaded per 100 users in Q2 2014, while Indonesia ranks second, at 4 downloads per 100 users. The Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan round out the top five.

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