Carvana revs up sales to top the US etailer growth list

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Of the 10 biggest digital retailers in the US, Carvana will see by far the fastest ecommerce sales growth this year. The online car dealer is poised to increase sales by 50.0% to hit $19.11 billion in 2022. This speedy growth will blow past Target’s 22.3% bump and Apple’s 22.0% boost.

Beyond the chart: Carvana steered into the top 10 list in 2021, propelled by new consumer demands amid the pandemic. Its socially distanced business model and generous return policy led sales to soar by 128.0% that year. The global chip shortage has further fueled demand for its inventory of used cars. It’s this little surprise that Carvana will corner 22.2% of the US auto and parts ecommerce market this year.