April 25, 2019

What Approach Are US Companies Taking Toward Omnichannel Personalization? (% of respondents, March 2019)


Marketers were asked which approach their company uses for omnichannel personalization. Responses include don't have any channels connected, few channels connected, half their channels connected, most channels connected and all channels connected.


Data was provided to eMarketer by Evergage.


Data is from the April 2019 Evergage report titled "2019 Trends in Personalization." 314 marketing professionals worldwide from various industries were surveyed online during February 21-March 21, 2019 by Researchscape International. The majority of the respondents are based in the US (83%) with the rest from Canada, Germany, India, the UK, other non-UK countries and others (16%). Respondents identified their company focus as B2B (33%), B2C (18%) or both (49%) at companies with annual sales of less than $1 million (3%), $1-$9 million (8%), $10-$49 million (11%), $55-$99 million (6%), $100-$499 million (24%), $500-$999 million (13%) or $1 billion or more (35%). Evergage is a company that provides real-time web personalization.