February 11, 2019

How Would US Patients Like to Hear About a Health System's Payment Plans? (% of respondents, Aug 2018)


Patients in the US were asked how they would like to hear about a health system's payment plans. Responses include reading about it on their statement, a doctor telling them in an appointment, receiving a brochure with comprehensive information or researching online.


Data is from the February 2019 VisitPay report titled "The VisitPay Report: Edition. 01." 1,734 US patients ages 18+ were surveyed online in August 2018. The data was representative of the US population based on age, gender, income, race and ethnicity. Either the respondents or someone in their immediate family had to have received treatment at a hospital, health system or urgent care center in the past year. All respondents also must have been the guarantor or acting guarantor of the patient in question.