April 2, 2018

Criteria that Influence US Ad/Marketing Professionals to Purchase from a Data Management Platform (DMP), Jan 2018 (index*)


According to data from January 2018, ad inventory discovery is the top criteria influencing US ad/marketing professionals to purchase from a data management platform (DMP), with an index of 176. Other criteria considered include free data access for CRM insights and ability to collect data (log ... files/API feeds).More


Data was provided to eMarketer by Advertiser Perceptions.


Data is from the April 2018 Advertiser Perceptions "DMP Report, Wave 4: Part of the Programmatic Intelligence Report 1H 2018." 345 US advertising and agency decision-makers involved in the purchase of programmatic advertising who have used or worked with DMPs in the past year were surveyed during January 2018. Respondents were from the Advertiser Perceptions Media Decision Maker Database and third-party databases.