Steady Growth in Users Foreshadows Bigger Changes to Come

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With wearables becoming more sophisticated and widespread, how should marketers and brands include them in their strategies? This report looks at where the wearables market is headed.
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Executive Summary

Nearly a quarter of the US population (82.7 million people) will use a smart wearable in 2022, in addition to those who will use AirPods or other tethered wearables. Health and fitness concerns have driven adoption until now, but the tech industry is eyeing wearables as components and connectors to the metaverse and Web3, as well as disruptors in the health sector. Will this spell the end of the smartphone era?

Key Question: How should marketers prepare for the future of wearables?

KEY STAT: Almost a quarter of US adults will use smart wearables in 2022, and that share will rise over the next few years.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Steady Growth in Users Foreshadows Bigger Changes to Come
  3. Tech’s Vision for the Future Depends on Wearables
  1. What Can Retailers, Brands, and Marketers Do Now?
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