Meet the Analyst: US Social Commerce—Marketing Strategies for Brands | On-Demand

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Last year saw a significant uptick in ecommerce adoption, and social platforms doubled down on their efforts to capitalize on this trend. Today, nearly all of the popular platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and others, have expanded shopping or buying capabilities—creating new possibilities for commerce marketing.

But where will social commerce stand when many of the pandemic-related conditions that spurred its growth (hopefully) start to subside? Will US consumers still use social platforms to discover, browse and buy products—and to what extent can the US continue to take cues from the world's No.1 social commerce market, China?

In this On-Demand Meet the Analyst Webinar, our analyst dove into our latest US social commerce forecasts, and the areas poised for growth.

Watch this webinar, made possible by Inmar Intelligence, and explore:

  • How to capitalize on social commerce adoption among US adults, and sales and buyer growth
  • What platforms are in play and which are driving high conversions
  • Where the key opportunities for social commerce lie within the funnel

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