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July 8, 2019

Top 10 US Podcast Publishers, Ranked by Unique Audience, June 2019


This chart shows the top 10 podcast publishers in the US, ranked by the monthly unique audience, as well as global streams and downloads and number of active shows. Publishers listed in this chart include NPR, iHeartRadio, PRX, Wondery, The New York Times, WNYC Studios, This American Life/Serial, ... Barstool Sports, ESPN and Daily Wire.More


Data is from the July 2019 Podtrac report titled "Podcast Industry Audience Rankings: June 2019." Podtrac's publisher rankings are based on monthly unique US audience for podcasts. Publishers must use the podcast measurement system for their shows and Podtrac must have at least 30 days of data to be included. Publishers that do not produce content, such as ad and content networks, were excluded. Podcasts that do not accept advertisements were excluded from the analysis. Podtrac currently measures 90% of the top podcast publishers. Podtrac is a podcast measurement and advertising services company.