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eMarketer and Starcom MediaVest Group Release Report on the State of Global Media Usage and Spending


SEPTEMBER 25, 2013—Today eMarketer, in collaboration with Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), released its annual Global Media Intelligence (GMI) Report on media usage and spending trends worldwide, designed for brands looking to more effectively reach mature and emerging global markets.

The report is eMarketer’s largest, most comprehensive snapshot of the state of media consumption and expenditure worldwide, covering six major regions—Asia-Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, North America, and Western Europe—and 40 countries.

In addition, the report contains more than 700 charts collected from over 150 global research sources—which SMG helped identify and gather for local and core markets worldwide—in addition to benchmarks, analysis and context provided by eMarketer.

“The 2013 Global Media Intelligence Report forecasts increasing worldwide adoption of mobile technology. As smartphones and tablets become ubiquitous, advertisers will be able to capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity to develop more meaningful experiences with consumers leveraging mobility and place, and they will increase worldwide mobile ad spending to an estimated $59.7 billion by 2017; a nearly fourfold increase compared with this year,” said Kate Sirkin, executive vice president of global research for SMG.

It is typically eMarketer’s most popular report annually.

“The GMI Report is simply outstanding,” said Sharon Walia (Braich), marketing insights manager for Intel’s partner marketing group. “It provides relevant, in-depth analyses and insights that help us quickly understand media trends. We often reference report findings in our brainstorm and strategic discussion sessions.”

Zac McQuistan, strategy manager at Microsoft Advertising, commented: “The Global Media Intelligence Report provides a wealth of information that helps us allocate our resources in markets around the world.”

Visa’s head of North America marketing, Alex Craddock, added: “The pace of change we are experiencing, in terms of how consumers engage with the evolving media options, makes eMarketer’s North America GMI Report a unique and invaluable source of easily digestible media trends that keep us on top of this ever-changing media environment.”

This is the fourth year running that eMarketer and SMG have worked together to develop the publication.

eMarketer president Lisa Church said: “It is rewarding to work with SMG to provide comprehensive, actionable research across regions and countries.”

Church added, “It’s also pleasing to see that it’s become a core part of clients’ planning processes for the upcoming year.”

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Posted on September 25, 2013.