Measurement Squabbles Prevent Investment in Data Science

Advertisers want more concrete assessments from their analytics

Because marketers are experiencing data-driven growing pains, they have a strong interest in beefing up their data science capabilities. However, measurement issues are restricting marketers’ investment in analytics.

In April 2018, Advertiser Perceptions surveyed 152 brand and agency advertisers in the US and UK. Among these respondents, 93% said data science and analytics was important to them. About four in 10 said the biggest challenges preventing further investment in data science were its lack of accurate measures on business impact and its costs. Those in the US were more sensitive to inadequate measurements, with 51% reporting that measurement problems are holding back their investment in data science.

The measurement and cost concerns that the survey advertisers cited go hand in hand.

In a March survey of 50 CFOs in the US conducted by Viant, respondents indicated that they perceived their organization’s marketing efforts as cost centers. They were miffed that their marketing teams didn’t judge success based on concrete outcomes like sales.

Nearly four in 10 of the surveyed CFOs said one of their biggest concerns about the digital marketing at their organization is that they measure in vanity metrics. The CFOs concluded that many data points they’re presented with by marketers don’t really matter to their ultimate goals.

Demonstrating the return on investment for data science projects may require marketers to take a new approach to measurement. While change is hardly ever easy, it may be necessary for those wanting to pour more money into analytics.