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Five Ways to Increase Revenue and Customer Engagement

SMS is one of the most engaged and highest ROI channels available to marketers. Yet many organizations have yet to embrace this powerful mobile channel because of lack of phone numbers and customer permission, and even simply uncertainty in how to execute it.

But not deploying an effective SMS strategy means you’ll miss out on a significant percentage of customers who increasingly prefer to be reached on their mobile device. According to EZ Texting, SMS has 150x the engagement rate of email campaigns.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Acoustic’s Dave Haucke, vice president of product management, and Pinky Lees, worldwide mobile strategist. They shared multiple use cases to help marketers understand how to get started with SMS, and where this channel fits into your overall communications and marketing strategy.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to leverage automation to deliver behavior- and event-based messages
  • What are the best approaches to drive adoption of your SMS channel
  • How to generate value from both promotional and transactional SMS campaigns
  • Copywriting techniques that minimize opt outs and increase engagement and conversions


Dave Haucke is a vice president of product management at Acoustic. He leads the company’s portfolio of mobile marketing, social advertising and content management solutions. In this role, Dave drives the overall strategy and direction for these offerings, and guides cross-functional teams on prioritization, planning and delivery. He works with both internal and external stakeholders to identify market opportunity, determine build/buy/partner strategies and drive product development priorities. Dave comes to Acoustic from IBM’s Watson Marketing group, where he spent nine years in strategy, offering management and product marketing roles.

Pinky Lees is worldwide mobile strategist at Acoustic. She provides strategy and planning services to clients and sellers to develop mobile marketing campaigns within all industries including retail, finance, healthcare, travel & entertainment and education. Pinky has 20+ years of mobile marketing experience and mobile execution planning and strategy development. She has a deep knowledge of global mobile SMS best practices and programs. Pinky’s also developed extensive client specific strategies and training programs to deliver successful mobile campaigns.

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