Level up your social advertising in 2022 | Sponsored Content

This article was contributed and sponsored by Smartly.io.

The beginning of the new year is a time for reflecting and setting new intentions: What worked last year, and what didn’t? What are the trends to watch for? What’s the plan for the new year—and how do we get there?

Smartly.io helps social advertisers look into the future with our annual survey. The 2022 trends report consults top marketers on their plans for social advertising for the upcoming year.

Based on the results of our report, here are three steps that will help you succeed with social advertising in 2022:

1. Go multiplatform.

There used to be far fewer social media platforms for advertisers to focus on. But just as users have gone multiplatform, so now must advertisers.

The clearest trend from our data is that everyone is investing more heavily in social advertising (some brands now dedicate up to 90% of their marketing budget) and that investment is being spent across a wider range of platforms.

One brand that has gained tremendous traction is TikTok: nearly half of all respondents said they were already advertising on the platform. Yet more established social media networks are seeing rising advertising investment too. 87% of respondents said they plan to increase spend on Facebook in 2022, and 73% said they will invest more on Instagram ads.

As consumer journeys become more complex, brands need to meet shoppers whenever and wherever they are. That means creating an omnipresent multiplatform social strategy that speaks to consumers at all touchpoints and mindsets along the way to purchase.

2. Focus on talent.

As the budgets and greater focus of the advertising industry shift to social media—and platforms continually emerge for social marketers to manage—there is a growing need for social advertising talent.

This reshuffling calls for a rethink not only of recruitment practices but ways of working as well. More than 70% of respondents say that their social advertising creation and delivery still involve manual processes. This type of tedious work is likely to grow more cumbersome as brands adopt their new multiplatform and multiformat strategies.

The manual work will be off-putting to talent, too, taking time away from the more fulfilling creative and strategic functions of the job.

Brands need to prioritize people and take a closer look at the actual work being done.

3. Automate, automate, automate.

In 2022, automation will blend into a broader range of processes in both the creation and delivery of social media ads.

The vast majority (73%) of respondents say they already automate at least some aspect of their social media campaigns.

New tools allow advertisers to effortlessly generate, launch, and scale social ads with just a few clicks. Platforms like Smartly.io also make it possible for brands to manage their sprawling campaigns, easily coordinating and optimizing creatives across platforms and formats.

The advertisers that will win in 2022 are the ones who embrace automation and use it to drive campaigns across platforms. Their teams will source the best talent and ultimately generate the greatest results.

—Riikka Söderlund, Global Director of Marketing, Smartly.io