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eMarketer Webinar: Social Media in the Marketing Mix—Global Best Practices

To listen and watch playback of the webinar, Social Media in the Marketing Mix—Global Best Practices, click here. You can view the PowerPoint deck below.

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This webinar will address these key questions:

  • How are marketers creating and executing global social media campaigns?
  • How can companies overcome cultural, language and other barriers when doing social media marketing?
  • What are the best practices for businesses to manage their social media presence around the world?
  • What are the pros and cons of using worldwide social media such as Facebook or Twitter vs. working with local social platforms?

About Debra Aho Williamson

Debra Aho Williamson is eMarketer’s lead analyst focusing on social media marketing and the demographics of social media users. A founding executive editor of pioneering internet business publication The Industry Standard, Debra is quoted for her analysis in the business press and invited to speak at major digital marketing internet events.

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Posted on April 20, 2012.