What's Next for RFPs?

What's Next for RFPs?

Their prominence is subsiding, but they’re not dead yet

An interview with:
Shawn Riegsecker
Founder and CEO

As bigger chunks of advertising budgets flow through programmatic pipes, the chorus calling for the death of requests for proposal (RFPs) grows louder. Shawn Riegsecker, founder and CEO of demand-side platform (DSP) Centro, spoke with eMarketer’s Ross Benes about how RFPs will be utilized as digital ad buying continues to evolve.


How is the role of RFPs changing?

Shawn Riegsecker:

I don’t believe there’s any question that the historical role of what an RFP did is quickly waning. The rise of self-serve programmatic buying and the ability to buy media without going directly to the publisher who owned the inventory is severely limiting the need for that standard. However, if we don’t look upon an RFP as the vehicle to negotiate and buy media, but instead look at the mechanics surrounding what an RFP is, I believe the mechanics of RFPs are going to remain for many years.


What are RFP mechanics?

Interview conducted on April 10, 2018

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