UK Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

UK Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

How Digital Options Are Driving Innovation

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Executive Summary

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad spend is growing steadily, to the detriment of traditional out-of-home (OOH) spend. Digital inventory is rising, and automation of that inventory is becoming more common, but the medium needs to work even harder to attract ad budgets from elsewhere.

How big is the UK DOOH market?

DOOH ad spending in the UK will grow by nearly 10% this year according to GroupM, to account for more than half the OOH total and over £500 million ($667 million).

Where’s DOOH budget coming from?

We estimate that total OOH ad spending will register growth of just 1.2% in 2019. Why’s that, when DOOH is growing so quickly? GroupM data indicates declines in traditional OOH budgets, that’s why. Digital and traditional OOH spending is being drawn largely from the same flattening budgets.

How are market dynamics changing?

Growing interest in the digitization of OOH inventory is creating new opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Acquisitions among media owners ramped up last year, while players in the automation space are entering the DOOH market in increasing numbers.

What’s so appealing about DOOH?

Traditional OOH still trumps DOOH for reach, but the difference is narrowing in urban areas. The branding potential of OOH is carried into the digital medium, too, though there’s greater potential for amplification, activation (i.e., actively driving a direct response) and attribution. Being able to drive actions and better measure the results, all powered by data, is a compelling proposition.

What could the future of DOOH look like?

Those playing in the DOOH space and embracing automation stand to benefit from early-mover advantage. Tying together the data insights gathered through automation with innovative creative offers huge potential for a medium already well adapted for marketers’ needs.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report highlights the growing influence of digital in the UK OOH space. We size the DOOH market and look at what it might take to boost the medium further, examining what works and why.

KEY STAT: DOOH ad spending will grow by almost 10% in 2019 and will account for more than half the total UK OOH market for the first time.

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