Programmatic Ad Spending in France 2019

A Billion-Euro Marketplace

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Investment in programmatic display ads in France passed €1 billion ($1.13 billion) in 2018—a gain of nearly 31% compared with 2017. Programmatic advertising also passed another milestone, accounting for more than 80% of all digital display ad spending.
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Executive Summary

Programmatic outlays in France rose nearly 31% in 2018, and will climb by double digits again this year.

How big is the programmatic ad market in France?

We estimate that programmatic ad spending in France reached €1.04 billion ($1.18 billion) in 2018. In 2019, investment in programmatic ads is predicted to approach €1.22 billion ($1.38 billion).

How much of the programmatic ad market is comprised of mobile spending in France?

Mobile ads accounted for 54.4% of all programmatic spending in France in 2018—equivalent to €568 million ($640.5 million)—as brands shifted their focus to the growing smartphone audience.

How much programmatic spending is direct vs. open market in France?

Historically, real-time bidding (RTB) has dominated France’s programmatic market, but it is gradually losing share. Together, open auctions and private marketplace (PMP) deals made up 51.0% of all programmatic spending in 2018, but RTB will account for just 48.5% in 2019. The rise of social media display advertising, typically bought via programmatic direct deals, will remain a key factor.

Are ad fraud and brand safety major concerns for advertisers?

In a survey by Rakuten Marketing and Morar HPI, 35.1% of marketers in France cited brand safety and protecting their reputation as one of the greatest threats to their marketing in 2018. A further 30.7% cited ad fraud and viewability.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report features our updated estimates for programmatic digital display ad spending in France, including breakouts by transaction type. It also explores recent trends behind the numbers.

KEY STAT: Spending on programmatic display ads in France passed the billion-euro milestone in 2018, reaching €1.04 billion ($1.18 billion). Annual growth in 2019 is estimated to be 16.4%, and spending will climb to €1.22 billion ($1.37 billion), or 83.2% of all digital display outlays.

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  3. Challenges of Programmatic Advertising
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Interviewed for This Report

Chris Bennett
Managing Director, Europe
Interviewed November 1, 2018
Thomas Bermond
Freewheel, a Comcast company
General Manager, International
Interviewed November 1, 2018
Nigel Gilbert
Chief Market Strategist, EMEA
Interviewed December 1, 2018
Matt Harada
General Manager, Data Solutions
Interviewed November 2, 2018
Clementina Piazza
Integral Ad Science
Programmatic Director, EMEA
Interviewed November 2, 2018
Paul-Antoine Stullu
Vice President, Managing Director, Southern Europe, EMEA
Interviewed December 1, 2018
Bill Swanson
Chief Revenue Officer, EMEA
Interviewed November 8, 2018
Conno Christou
Glispa Global Group
Vice President, Innovation
Interviewed October 31, 2018
Ryan Cook
Vice President, Programmatic and Business Development, EMEA
Interviewed October 31, 2018

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