Omada Health launches Insights Lab to garner more proof of clinical validity—a move that could help it lure in telehealth or pharma partners

The news: Omada Health launched Omada Insights Lab, an initiative that aims to use data science to optimize the clinical efficacy and behavioral design of its digital therapeutics (DTx) products. For context, Omada Health offers DTx for a range of chronic conditions and preventative health.

More on this: Omada has troves of patient health data at its fingertips to drive patient engagement and enhance clinical outcomes:

  • After accruing over 1 billion data points from close to 500,000 patient encounters over the last decade of it doing business, Omada Insights Lab has the leverage to rapidly iterate and innovate its programs to roll out high-quality product updates and DTx programs that are both personalized to the patient and effective.

What’s next? Initiatives that’ll help Omada collect evidence of its tools' clinical efficacy will make it an attractive partner for telehealth companies or pharma firms:

  • When evaluating a DTx partner, health execs say strong clinical evidence based on real-world data is top of mind. For example, it’s rumored that Amwell is mulling an M&A deal with Omada—the results Omada Insights Lab produces could be the push it needs to ink a deal.