How HERE Helped adsquare Empower More Contextually Relevant Advertising | Sponsored Content

How HERE Helped adsquare Empower More Contextually Relevant Advertising | Sponsored Content

This post was contributed and sponsored by HERE Technologies.


Mobile has become the first screen for consumers—the device the majority of the world’s consumers prioritize above all other platforms in terms of internet time spent. Hyperlocal location data is unique to mobile and provides a lot of new, valuable information about consumers.

Nowadays, people have their phones with them at all times. Thus, location data is a good indicator of who you are, and what your interests and affinities are.

To better understand consumers’ real-world behavior by overlaying movement data with accurate and fresh point-of-interests’ data, adsquare integrated HERE Places and 2D Footprints global data sets.

Using 2D Footprints from HERE Technologies, adsquare was able to accurately define polygons of buildings instead of simply applying a radius to a latitude/longitude information. The adsquare team enabled their clients to run more contextually relevant and effective mobile advertising campaigns.

In compliance with existing privacy regulations, the adsquare team took raw location data of an anonymous user, data which is qualified and in real time. Then, they added local context to that data by overlaying it with data points such as POIs. This enabled them to see what places people visit, when, how often, etc.

Having such information over time, enabled adsquare to analyze user’s historic mobility patterns and build accurate audience segments. For example, if the adsquare team saw that a user visits a gym three times per week (and regularly visits sports goods stores), they then could assign him/her to a segment of “Sports Enthusiasts.”

Recently, adsquare worked for a global fast-food chain in France. The goal of this campaign was to reach a precise target group at scale, engage with them, and, finally, drive foot traffic to the defined restaurants.

For this campaign, adsquare analyzed location data from over 8 million mobile devices and created a segment of fast-food consumers (people who have been to the chain's restaurants or one of the competitor's stores over the last 30 days).

Thanks to mobile programmatic and data, the results impressed the advertiser: 4.8 million impressions, outstanding video completion rate of 46% and 4.26% CTR. To measure the campaign’s impact on foot traffic, adsquare analyzed the real-world consumer behavior of a control group and a campaign group and found a whopping 46.72% increase in the visit rate to the advertiser’s restaurants.

adsquare’s partnership with HERE was critical to this success. They were able to create a very precise audience segmentation based on place visits data and accurately measure footfall to the fast-food chain's restaurants. Ultimately, the team at adsquare could better understand consumers’ real-world behavior, and support contextually relevant and effective advertising for their expanding customer portfolio.

For more insights from HERE Technologies on how location data is going to inform the advertising ecosystem, download the full white paper here.