How Blockchain Could Help Improve Transparency in Digital Advertising

How Blockchain Could Help Improve Transparency in Digital Advertising

Mobile ad network Kiip tests a new approach to reporting campaign results

An interview with:
Brian Wong
Co-Founder and CEO

Advertisers across the board are after increased transparency in their digital campaigns, and mobile ad network Kiip is working to bring that to their clients by testing a simpler, less theoretical approach to recording campaign data in a shared, immutable ledger. eMarketer's Nicole Perrin spoke with Brian Wong, Kiip's co-founder and CEO, about the benefits of taking reporting to the blockchain. Wong was interviewed as part of eMarketer's August report, "Cleaning Up the Digital Media Supply Chain: What Will Move the Industry Toward Transparency and Optimization?"


What led Kiip to run a blockchain-based mobile ad campaign?

Brian Wong:

We've been tinkering with the idea of using blockchain for a while, but we didn't want to make it super-theoretical or more of a white paper. We tried to figure out the lowest-hanging fruit and easiest use case that solves a real problem and can further help us serve our clients better. In our case, that was this idea of radical transparency.

Interview conducted on July 2, 2018

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