Gen Z Attitudes; Ride Shares; Ethical Beauty

Gen Z Attitudes; Ride Shares; Ethical Beauty

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Gen Z Is Open to Ads: IRI surveyed Gen Z consumers (ages 18 to 21) and discovered differences between that generation and older ones. Some thirty-eight percent of Gen Z respondents like personalized ads in their social media feeds, compared with 21% of younger millennials and 30% of older millennials. Additionally, 42% of Gen Zers think personalized ads based on their interests and shopping habits are a great way to learn about new products. 

Battle of the Ride-Sharing Services: Verto Analytics took at look at how Uber and Lyft compare since the beginning of the year. Uber still has more users, but Lyft is gaining quickly. Uber had 38.7 million users in January 2018, increasing to 41.8 million in March. But Lyft's user base doubled in the same timeframe, from 16.0 million to 32.0 million. Both have nearly identical demographics, but the group with the largest share may surprise you: users 55 and older. Thirty-seven percent of Lyft riders fall into that category, while 36% of Uber's do. 

Cruelty-Free Beauty: Beauty site Perfect365 polled its users on cruelty-free products and found 36% said they only buy brands that fit that description. Some 46% were in favor of a bill proposed in California that would ban any beauty products that have been tested on animals, and 43% said they would stop using a brand if they found out it was now testing that way. 

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