July 8, 2018

Real-Time Customer Analytics Challenges According to Marketers Worldwide, March 2018 (% of respondents)


Marketers worldwide were asked about the challenges with real-time customer analytics. Challenges include legacy systems, data silos, organizational silos and budget among others.


Data is from the July 2018 Harvard Business Review Analytic Services study titled "Real-Time Analytics: The Key to Unlocking Customer Insights & Driving the Customer Experience" in conjunction with SAS, Intel and Accenture Applied Intelligence. 560 marketing professionals worldwide from various industries were surveyed during February-March 2018. Respondents are Harvard Business Review's audience of readers (magazine/newsletter readers, customers and HBR.org users). Respondents are from companies with 500-4,999 employees (34%), 5,000-9,999 employees (12%) and 10,000 or more employees (54%) and are located in Asia-Pacific (20%), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) (35%), North America (37%) and rest of the world (8%). Their job titles include general and executive management (15%), IT, information and strategic planning (8%), sales/business development (9%), marketing/PR and communications (15%), and other (7%) with seniority levels of executive management and board members (19%), middle management (31%), senior management (42%) and other (8%).