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"We've made eMarketer available to all of our 23,000 employees around the world, which gives everyone ubiquitous access to information whenever they need it."

John Mongomery

COO for North America, GroupM Interaction

"Our team uses eMarketer a lot—it’s a great source of information on industry trends that we use in everything from our strategic planning process to internal staff education."

Liz White

Vice President & General Manager, PEOPLE and EW Digital

"We wouldn’t be able to operate at the level we do without eMarketer— the service is a ‘need-to-have’ for smaller businesses like ours."

Jay Pivec

President, PivNet


How much does PRO cost?

Pricing depends on the size of your company and the number of people who need access. Please request a quote and we’ll schedule a brief call to understand your organization’s needs and craft an offer that fits your needs and budget.

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Does eMarketer have any free content?

Yes. Sign up for our free eMarketer Daily Newsletter to stay on top of trends with new articles every weekday. Don’t miss your daily dose of digital!

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I already get eMarketer’s Daily Newsletter. What’s the difference between eMarketer PRO and eMarketer’s Daily Newsletter?

With eMarketer PRO you get a lot more! Our newsletter content is a small sampling of the data and content provided to eMarketer PRO customers. PRO includes in-depth analyst reports, customizable charts and data sets, exclusive interviews with industry leaders and more. The data you want, when you need it, and how you want it is as easy as a subscription to eMarketer PRO.

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