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Carl's Jr. Experiments with Live Ads During Vice Stream

Nov 23, 2016

A live-streaming ad experiment with Vice Media pushed fast-food chain Carl's Jr. into unknown territory. “This was the first time that we handed over the keys on the technology side,” said Brandon LaChance, director of advertising for CKE restaurants. LaChance spoke to eMarketer about the challenges of advertising in live streams.

Marketing in China: Ksubaka's In-Store Screens Stop Shoppers with Games Interspersed with Ads

Aug 01, 2016

Bert Carder, head of sales for Ksubaka, talked about what his firm’s game-based in-store interactive ad network offers brands.

How Sentiment Analysis Helps Brands Sell

Jun 29, 2016

At the Cannes Lions international advertising festival in June, data visualization technology provider Buzz Radar conducted an experiment that took sentiment analysis further, diving deeper into different types of emotional nuances. Patrick Charlton, director and co-founder of Buzz Radar, spoke to eMarketer just before the festival about what the company hoped to learn from the project.

How Sentiment Analysis Helps Brands Sell

Jun 28, 2016

Patrick Charlton, director and co-founder of Buzz Radar, spoke about the sentiment analysis his firm did at the Cannes Lions ad festival in June.

Arby's Talks Real-Time Marketing Strategy Since Its Famous Pharrell Tweet

Feb 16, 2016

Josh Martin, director of digital and social media at Arby’s, spoke about how the quick-service restaurant chain’s logo, a hat, paved the way for a real-time engagement opportunity.

Social Listening Lets Starwood Act Faster to Serve Most Loyal Hotel Customers

Feb 16, 2016

Keri La Ra, director of global social media and digital compliance at Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, spoke to eMarketer about how social listening drives engagement with loyalty group clients and informs the marketing budget.