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Personalization Is Not a Motivating Factor For People to Share Their Information

Personalization Is Not a Motivating Factor For People to Share Their Information

Oct 01, 2019

While conventional marketing thinking says that customers prefer personalized marketing experiences and are willing to share more personal data to get that, but new research shows that it may not.

An App Is Not Enough: Mobile Personalization Is Paramount | Sponsored Content

Sep 27, 2019

While 54% of brands in Sailthru’s annual Retail Personalization Index have an app, most lack strong mobile personalization. The average brand earned just 5.5 of the available 20 points in the mobile category, while the top 10 ranked retailers scored much higher with an average of 17 points.

Looking Past Product Recommendations: Consumers’ Evolving Attitudes Toward Personalization | Sponsored Content

Sep 20, 2019

Just 16% of the 250 retailers in Sailthru’s annual Retail Personalization Index said they use customers’ digital data to personalize their in-store experience, mostly through mobile devices. And that number is 100% among the top 10 retailers.

Q&A: Understanding the Customer Path to Purchase Isn’t Always Easy, but AI’s a Good Start

Sep 03, 2019

Marketers have long grappled with how to best leverage the data they’ve collected. It’s certainly a challenge as data fuels nearly all of their marketing efforts—including personalization, audience segmentation and targeting.

Four Functions Your Web Content Management System Oughta’ Do | Sponsored Content

Aug 09, 2019

Eighty-eight-percent of online shoppers said it’s important for brands and retailers to offer personalized experiences, according to a March 2019 survey from Episerver. In addition to personalization, learn what other three functions are recommended in a web content management system to truly engage your customers.