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Breaking Out Video Ads: Native vs. In-Stream

Apr 17, 2019

We forecast that native video will make up 38.1% of US digital video ad spending in 2019, but it won't take a much larger share in the near future.

Driven by Social, Native Accounts for Nearly Two-Thirds of Display Ad Spend

Apr 16, 2019

We forecast that native advertising will account for 62.7% of total US display ad spending in 2019, up from 54.2% in 2017. But the bulk of native ad spend will go to social media platforms.

Advertisers Spend More on Native, but Favor the Same Formats

Mar 18, 2019

The typical native display ad is mobile, social and purchased programmatically—and that’s not expected to change over the next couple years, as the native ad market continues organic growth.