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The Right Data Management Strategy Allows for Better B2B Campaign Execution

Jul 11, 2018

More advanced brands are using intent data and artificial intelligence to model customer lifetime value and implement targeted account-based programs.

Measurement Squabbles Prevent Investment in Data Science

Jul 03, 2018

Four in 10 advertisers surveyed by Advertiser Perceptions said that the biggest obstacles preventing further investment in data science were its lack of accurate measures on business impact and its costs.

Mobile Marketers Struggle With Data Quality Management

Jul 03, 2018

Tune and Forrester Consulting polled 300 US mobile marketers in January and found that one-third of them said managing data quality is a real challenge.

Five Charts Explaining Why Marketers Are Experiencing Data-Driven Growing Pains

Jun 27, 2018

As marketing becomes more automated, its practitioners struggle to corral the data they now rely on.

How Marketers Are Navigating Facebook Post-Cambridge Analytica

Jun 07, 2018

Danny Kourianos, senior vice president of marketing at Rakuten Marketing, discusses how the Cambridge Analytica revelations resulted in a positive movement for the marketing industry.