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    SEP 28, 2021

    As digital transformation accelerates worldwide, growth in online shopping has created opportunities not only to reimagine brand relevance, but also to rethink the end-to-end customer experience. Dr. Tiffany Raymond, head of global customer advocacy, at PayPal, talks with eMarketer editorial director at Insider Intelligence Rimma Kats, about steps you can take to optimize your product, cart and checkout pages to help reduce cart abandonment, improve conversion, increase spend and boost customer loyalty.

  • Video
    NOV 12, 2021

    Prior to joining Sitecore, Sung worked at SEWORKS as vice president, growth and strategy, and at Tiffany & Co. for Asia-Pacific marketing. Moderator:. Nancy Taffera-Santos is senior vice president of media solutions and strategy at eMarketer. Nancy has been at eMarketer for over 13 years and oversees the media business, developing programs for leading advertisers.

  • Report
    DEC 21, 2020

    “Outside of our core team, we hired a broadcast crew of roughly 40 people working out of control rooms in Chicago and New York,” said Tiffany R. Warren, founder and president of Adcolor and executive vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer at Sony Music Entertainment. Vet and Select a Technology Platform.

  • Article
    AUG 20, 2021

    Tiffany & Co. portrayed same sex couples in its advertising years ago—in 2021, it took support a step further by launching the entire category of men’s engagement rings. The Walt Disney Co. has a companywide strategy to accelerate inclusive marketing initiatives and align its internal culture with target customers.

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    FEB 11, 2020

    “We’re seeing an increase in sophistication and overall growth in fraud aimed at performance marketers,” said Michael Tiffany, CEO of White Ops. “For example, botnet operators who are taking advantage of cost-per-action types of campaigns, where you have to go to more trouble to get your automated traffic to take the conversion activities marketers care about.”.

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    AUG 5, 2019

    “As the games decrease and as the fraud decreases, the market will become more rational, and prices will start to reflect the reality of supply and demand,” said Michael Tiffany, co-founder and president of verification service White Ops. “That is a big economic force for driving out the weird games that have been played to date.”. The Future of Programmatic Fees.

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