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    NOV 4, 2021

    Advertisers are mitigating that uncertainty with more holistic measurement models, including MMM, MTA, and incrementality testing. Facebook is also developing its own open-source MMM solution, called Robyn, now in beta. Most Advertisers Aren’t Shifting Spend Out of Facebook.

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    FEB 11, 2021

    “To some extent, what's happening now is that more weight is being shifted toward MMM because it can compensate for where data is lacking. The MTA side is not going away. There's still a lot that can be done, especially around first-party identity graphs that are available, but the MMM side plays a bigger and bigger role.”.

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    OCT 12, 2020

    MMM is broken! How can last year's data possibly be helpful to predict changes in behavior and adjust course during a pandemic? MTA is dead! You can't do user-level measurement without third-party cookies or mobile ad IDs. It’s time to get past all these misconceptions—absolutists always fail to see the big picture.