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    SEP 29, 2020

    The classic Amazon Flywheel, for example, said that improvements in selection drives better customer experiences, which then attract more sellers, which improves selection,” resulting in a “virtuous cycle.”. The flywheel strategy has propelled Amazon’s commerce business to juggernaut status.

    JUL 24, 2019

    Facebook, Google and Amazon are engaged in a game of thrones—an epic battle for digital supremacy. The anointed one will be whichever company stakes its claim to all three coins of the digital realm: media, advertising and commerce.

    JUL 23, 2019

    eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman explains how Amazon Prime Day complements the company’s flywheel of commerce, digital content and advertising. He also reviews estimates of how much business Amazon did on Prime Day and examines the event’s ripple effect on other retailers.

    DEC 18, 2020

    The flywheel effect has taken hold. No. 9: Frictionless ‘Stores of the Future’ Will Land and Expand. A new paradigm of physical retail, created and accelerated by the pandemic’s disruptive forces, is ready to emerge. In the coming year, the “retail apocalypse” will reach a crescendo as many teetering legacy retailers close hundreds of locations.

    FEB 24, 2020

    And on top of that, we look at customer word-of-mouth as the fuel that spins that flywheel faster and helps your business grow much faster than it would with customers who were not advocates for you. eMarketer: How did you go about bringing marketing, sales and customer service together? At the operational level, we created what we call our flywheel team.

    NOV 7, 2019

    There have been a couple notable acquisitions in recent years (WPP-owned Possible bought Amazon consultancy Marketplace Ignition back in 2017, and UK-based Ascential acquired Flywheel Digital in 2018), and more may be on the horizon in 2020. Strong Performance Persists. Advertisers are still leery about their partnership with Amazon in a number of ways.

    JUL 11, 2019

    Amazon’s newfound position gives it yet another flywheel effect to fuel its growth going forward—and Prime Day is the perfect accelerant.

    JUN 27, 2019

    The Clicks-to-Bricks Flywheel. Most of the leading marketplaces are pure play ecommerce retailers, or at least ecommerce-dominant. But many digital natives are now building out their physical store presence to take advantage of the flywheel effect from delivering on the promise of omnichannel retail.

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