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    Publication Date: 11/7/2017
    Topics: Mobile Apps
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Ad fraud’s not going away anytime soon. And a July 2017 survey of app marketers in Europe by InMobi found that invalid traffic from bots and scripts remains their top concern.
    Publication Date: 8/29/2017
    Topics: Programmatic Ad Spending
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Brand safety remains a primary concern among programmatic ad buyers in Central and Eastern Europe, and is a rising anxiety for ad sellers, according to a recent study by ad tech firm TailWind.
    Publication Date: 8/24/2017
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: BlaBlaCar is getting some help when it comes to staying top of mind among long-distance travelers in Europe, with users now able to book rides through Google Maps.
    Publication Date: 8/16/2017
    Topics: Social Commerce; Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: In what could pose a challenge to consumer-to-consumer platforms like eBay and Gumtree, Facebook is expanding its C2C ecommerce platform, Marketplace, across Europe.
    Publication Date: 7/20/2017
    Topics: Loyalty Programs; Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Europe
    Industries: Apparel & Accessories
    Context: Fashion-focused European ecommerce heavyweight Zalando is launching an Amazon Prime-like paid membership program as it looks to keep ahead of its hard-charging US rival’s share of the region’s digital commerce.
    Publication Date: 6/2/2017
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: While ride-hailing apps fight local regulators to stay in business in Europe, other mobility services are taking a more collaborative approach to improve transportation options.
    Publication Date: 5/26/2017
    Geographies: Europe
    Industries: Sports
    Context: When esports fans in Europe log in to watch this weekend’s World of Tanks Grand Finals in Moscow, they’ll be part of a fast-growing niche market expected to be worth nearly $350 million by next year.
    Publication Date: 5/25/2017
    Topics: Digital Ad Spending
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Digital ad spending in Europe swelled by 12.2% in 2016 to nearly €41.8 billion, according to IAB Europe and IHS Markit, with spending gains seen in all 27 countries tracked.
    Publication Date: 5/11/2017
    Topics: Internet of Things (IoT)
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: A trio of industry groups is calling on the European Commission to carefully consider changes to the EU’s electronic communications regulations over concerns they might hamper the development of the region’s internet of things (IoT) sector.
    Publication Date: 2/3/2017
    Topics: Mobile Messaging; Social Media Marketing
    Geographies: Europe; France; United Kingdom
    Context: Messaging apps are popular in Western Europe, and Facebook dominates the space in leading countries like the UK and France with its Messenger and WhatsApp services. But user privacy concerns have caught the attention of EU regulators, and upcoming changes to the European Commission’s ePrivacy Directive are set to rein in those platforms’ data-gathering—and possibly their monetization efforts.