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    Publication Date: 9/21/2016
    Topics: Internet Users; Mobile Users
    Geographies: Middle East & Africa
    Context: The Middle East and Africa has the lowest rate of internet usage in the world—but it includes a few countries where penetration is extremely high, such as the United Arab Emirates where more than three-quarters of the population is online. The divide between sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the region is clear: Internet penetration is nearly twice as high in the Middle East and North Africa.
    Publication Date: 9/7/2017
    Topics: Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Middle East & Africa
    Context: The purchase of on-demand delivery marketplace could help increase ecommerce’s lagging share of retail sales in the region by improving delivery issues that some see as an ecommerce inhibitor.
    Publication Date: 7/7/2016
    Topics: Mobile Messaging; Mobile Social Media
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: Facebook Messenger will have 105.2 million active users in the US this year. Four out of 10 mobile phone users will use it, making Messenger the leading over-the-top (OTT) mobile messaging app.
    Publication Date: 5/26/2016
    Topics: Digital Video
    Geographies: Middle East & Africa
    Context: Internet users in the Middle East and North Africa have a strong appetite for digital video. According to research from Ipsos Connect, at least half of respondents in each country included in the survey said they watched movies digitally.
    Publication Date: 12/9/2015
    Topics: Mobile Apps; Performance Benchmarks
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: Mobile app install fraud is a growing issue for many, and especially for Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern countries who top the list for highest click fraud.
    Publication Date: 1/20/2017
    Topics: Consumer Behavior
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Industries: Travel
    Context: Brexit's long-term effects are still to be seen, but its weakening of the pound is helping push up retail spending by foreign visitors to the UK.