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    Publication Date: 8/1/2016
    Topics: Programmatic Ad Spending
    Geographies: Australia; New Zealand
    Context: Programmatic advertising is experiencing rapid growth in Australia and New Zealand, with research suggesting a significant majority of marketers in the country plan to increase their budgets for the format in 2016.
    Publication Date: 5/26/2016
    Topics: Internet Users
    Geographies: New Zealand
    Context: A comprehensive look at internet usage habits in New Zealand offers insights into the country’s digital habits. Seven in 10 users spent more than 2 hours per day online, while laptops and smartphones were the most frequently used tools to get there. Accessing search engines and news browsing were the most popular digital activities.
    Publication Date: 3/22/2016
    Topics: Marketing Technology
    Geographies: Australia; New Zealand
    Context: Marketers and IT professionals in Australia and New Zealand believe a number of challenges are holding back successful implementation of marketing technology programs. A lack of integration between different systems, insufficient budgets and a dearth of knowledge about how systems work among marketers are all key obstacles.
    Publication Date: 4/17/2017
    Topics: Brand Marketing; Marketing Tactics
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Industries: Healthcare & Pharma
    Context: In the midst of Fonterra’s ongoing campaign to promote its Anlene brand of bone health products, eMarketer’s David Green spoke with Rohini Behl, marketing director of Fonterra Brands Indonesia, about the New Zealand-based dairy cooperative’s strategy to have a conversation about women’s health.
    Publication Date: 3/29/2017
    Topics: Social Media Marketing
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: According to a recent survey, more than a third of marketing professionals in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore found organic and paid social effective channels for attracting new customers.
    Publication Date: 10/6/2017
    Topics: Programmatic Advertising
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Jason Barnes, vice president for Asia-Pacific at PubMatic, discusses why programmatic is taking off in some markets in the region, but not others.
    Publication Date: 8/16/2017
    Topics: Social Commerce; Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: In what could pose a challenge to consumer-to-consumer platforms like eBay and Gumtree, Facebook is expanding its C2C ecommerce platform, Marketplace, across Europe.
    Publication Date: 4/4/2017
    Topics: Social Media Marketing; Cross-Border Ecommerce
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: WeChat is looking to bulk up the number of products from British brands available to users of its platform to purchase digitally. That’s despite little evidence that consumers in China—WeChat’s largest market by far—have much interest in brands born in the UK.
    Publication Date: 12/9/2016
    Topics: Social Commerce; Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam
    Context: Facebook appears to be in strong position to take a leading role in the social commerce space in the region, where digital purchasing is still in the early stages but users are young and mobile.
    Publication Date: 10/21/2016
    Topics: Mobile Advertising; Marketing Tactics
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Most senior marketers in Asia-Pacific say display ads on the mobile web are their highest priority for mobile advertising, according to research from H1 2016. But that looks set to change.
    Publication Date: 9/27/2016
    Topics: Customer Experience
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: Over 80% of consumers worldwide said they have stopped doing business with a company following a bad customer experience, but there are a number of ways to avoid such problems. Among the top two are more options for online customer help, and faster service.
    Publication Date: 8/8/2016
    Topics: Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: By 2020, nearly 30% of retail sales in Asia-Pacific will be made offline, but inspired by online activity, according to one researcher. Still, eMarketer estimates that Asia-Pacific has already shifted a larger share of its commerce to digital channels than any other region.
    Publication Date: 7/29/2016
    Topics: Email Marketing; Performance Benchmarks
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Just under half of all marketing emails opened in Australia are opened on a mobile device, according to June 2016 data. Overall, about one in three emails sent are opened.
    Publication Date: 7/26/2016
    Topics: Mobile Users
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Just over half of all mobile connections in the world exist in Asia-Pacific, according to one source, and the share is expected to get slightly larger in the next few years. The region currently has almost 2 billion more mobile connections than the No. 2 region.
    Publication Date: 4/22/2016
    Topics: Mcommerce
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Mobile shopping is mostly attractive due to its convenience, according to mobile phone internet users in Asia-Pacific. The ability to buy on the go, as well as use apps to shop and buy, were also popular.
    Publication Date: 4/13/2016
    Topics: Marketing Spending; Marketing Tactics; B2B Marketing
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: B2B marketers in Australia are getting increasingly sophisticated in their approach to digital marketing, turning to tactics like marketing automation and social media to help generate leads.
    Publication Date: 1/4/2016
    Topics: Tablets
    Geographies: South Korea
    Context: Consumers in South Korea bought more tablets in 2015—but mobile users in the country still have relatively few such devices compared to their neighbors across Asia-Pacific. Instead, phablets rule.
    Publication Date: 12/9/2015
    Topics: Mobile Apps; Performance Benchmarks
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: Mobile app install fraud is a growing issue for many, and especially for Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern countries who top the list for highest click fraud.