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    Publication Date: 7/11/2017
    Topics: Programmatic Ad Spending
    Geographies: Netherlands
    Context: Programmatic advertising’s share of digital display ad spending in the Netherlands reached a new high of 33% in 2016, with smaller local publishers key beneficiaries, according to figures from the IAB Netherlands and Deloitte.
    Publication Date: 6/14/2017
    Topics: Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Netherlands
    Context: Consumers in the Netherlands are getting cozier with ecommerce. Buying of “less mature” product categories helped push the country’s B2C ecommerce sales up 11% in Q1 2017.
    Publication Date: 3/7/2017
    Topics: Video-on-Demand (VOD)
    Geographies: Netherlands
    Context: The most popular video-on-demand services in the Netherlands—YouTube, NPO Gemist and Netflix—continue to strengthen their lead over competitors.
    Publication Date: 2/27/2017
    Topics: Social Media Users; Mobile Messaging
    Geographies: Netherlands
    Context: People in the Netherlands are passionate WhatsApp users, and were among the first to try its new Status feature.
    Publication Date: 2/23/2017
    Topics: Digital Shoppers & Buyers
    Geographies: Netherlands
    Context: Consumers in the Netherlands shop for an assortment of products digitally, ranging from clothes to cleaning products.
    Publication Date: 10/10/2016
    Topics: Total Media Ad Spending; Digital Ad Spending; Cinema Ad Spending
    Geographies: Netherlands
    Context: During H1 2016, ad spending in the Netherlands was up 4% in total. The biggest growth came in cinema ad spending, followed by internet advertising. On the flip side, print media saw big declines in ad investments.
    Publication Date: 6/15/2017
    Topics: Wearables
    Geographies: Netherlands
    Context: While smart watches may have arrived in the Nordics later than other markets, adoption is rising fast throughout the region. In some countries, it’s even caught up to the US and UK.
    Publication Date: 12/15/2016
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Netherlands; United Kingdom
    Industries: Digital Travel
    Context: Airbnb is laying down the law in Amsterdam and London by limiting the number of days hosts can rent out their properties to guests. The move is part of an ongoing attempt by Airbnb to work with regulators across multiple cities—a change of tactic for the short-term home rental company.
    Publication Date: 9/2/2016
    Topics: Time Spent with Media; Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Spain
    Industries: Digital Travel
    Context: Internet users in Spain spend more time on Airbnb per visit via desktop computer than any of their European counterparts; 35% of travelers have also booked lodgings via Airbnb in the past year. That puts them ahead of counterparts in much of Europe as well as the US.
    Publication Date: 6/9/2016
    Topics: Social Media Users
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: More than half the population of Western Europe will be using social networks by 2019, but adoption rates across the region are surprisingly diverse, and growth rate are also slowing according to eMarketer’s latest forecast.
    Publication Date: 12/9/2015
    Topics: Mcommerce; Smartphones; Tablets
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: In Europe, more mobile commerce traffic is coming from smartphone devices than tablets, according to October 2015 research. The Netherlands is an exception.
    Publication Date: 10/2/2015
    Topics: Digital Video Ad Spending; Programmatic Ad Spending
    Geographies: Western Europe; Central & Eastern Europe
    Context: Media owners' income from programmatic video ads will grow by an average 39% annually between 2015 and 2020, according to research. The UK has the largest market in the region, but the Netherlands has the greatest share of video ad revenues coming from programmatic.
    Publication Date: 8/16/2017
    Topics: Social Commerce; Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: In what could pose a challenge to consumer-to-consumer platforms like eBay and Gumtree, Facebook is expanding its C2C ecommerce platform, Marketplace, across Europe.
    Publication Date: 8/15/2017
    Topics: Mobile Apps
    Geographies: Europe; United States
    Context: US smartphone users are less likely than their counterparts in Europe to use communication apps. WhatsApp may provide an example of why that’s the case.
    Publication Date: 6/30/2017
    Geographies: Sweden; United Kingdom
    Industries: Digital Health
    Context: Universal healthcare may be the norm in Europe, but that hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs from offering digital alternatives to government-led systems. This week, investors gave two services—Your.MD in the UK and Sweden’s Kry—cash infusions to help meet growing consumer interest in do-it-yourself healthcare tools.
    Publication Date: 5/26/2017
    Geographies: Europe
    Industries: Sports
    Context: When esports fans in Europe log in to watch this weekend’s World of Tanks Grand Finals in Moscow, they’ll be part of a fast-growing niche market expected to be worth nearly $350 million by next year.
    Publication Date: 4/18/2017
    Topics: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Industries: Healthcare & Pharma
    Context: Artificial intelligence and robotic technologies could be the future of healthcare. But convincing people in the UK that that’s a good thing will take a great deal of effort.
    Publication Date: 4/10/2017
    Topics: Mobile Payments
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: Many consumers in Western Europe still hesitate to use mobile payment technology. But that behavior is changing, according to a recent forecast.
    Publication Date: 3/28/2017
    Topics: Retail Sales
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Industries: Consumer Products (CPG)
    Context: The market for FMCG products across nine major countries in Western Europe was valued at €499 billion in 2016.
    Publication Date: 3/22/2017
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all. Today’s topics: adidas focuses on digital; Amazon’s Alexa will now shop for you; and more.
    Publication Date: 2/7/2017
    Topics: Payment Methods
    Geographies: Germany
    Context: The deal links Swedish and German digital payments providers.
    Publication Date: 1/17/2017
    Topics: Mobile Payments
    Geographies: Germany
    Context: Many mobile users say they simply don't see the value in using a phone for payments.
    Publication Date: 1/6/2017
    Topics: Digital Privacy & Security
    Geographies: Germany; United Kingdom
    Context: Internet users in Germany and the UK are more likely than the average EU internet user to provide personal information online. But they are also more careful than average about who they share that information with, paying more attention to things like privacy policy statements and geographical location access than many of their peers elsewhere in the EU.
    Publication Date: 12/13/2016
    Topics: Digital Video
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: France and Germany lag much of the region, where roughly two-thirds of internet users watch digital video.
    Publication Date: 12/2/2016
    Topics: Mobile Apps; Mobile Payments
    Geographies: United States
    Context: Consumers must see an app as valuable, otherwise companies that created the app are going to see high uninstall rates, according to Carl Theobald, CEO of FollowAnalytics, a mobile communication, automation and engagement firm. eMarketer spoke with Theobald about how brands are leveraging their branded apps to provide value that awards consumer loyalty.
    Publication Date: 11/18/2016
    Topics: Mobile Messaging; Mobile Social Media
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Demographics: Females
    Context: Snapchat is often painted as an app beloved by millennials, and it’s true that those ages 18 to 34 make up—just barely—the majority of users, at 51%. A slightly larger share are women.
    Publication Date: 10/14/2016
    Topics: Digital Shoppers & Buyers
    Geographies: Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden
    Context: Regardless of gender or age, nearly everyone who is an internet user in the Nordic countries is also a digital buyer. While women were slightly more likely to buy online than men, and those ages 15 to 45 slightly more likely than those 46 and up, participation, no matter what demographic, was a given.
    Publication Date: 6/6/2016
    Topics: Smartphones
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Industries: Consumer Electronics
    Context: People in the UK are often considered digitally advanced. This seems to hold true when one considers device ownership and usage. Internet users in the UK typically own several devices and use them often. And multiple-device ownership is also on the rise.
    Publication Date: 5/19/2016
    Topics: Internet Users
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Demographics: Millennials
    Context: An April 2016 survey found that 67% of young adults in Western Europe switch devices in the course of viewing video content, compared to 46% of total adults.
    Publication Date: 4/8/2016
    Topics: Social Media Users; Social Media Usage
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: With the exception of China, Russia and a few other countries, Facebook continues to dominate the social network scene in major markets worldwide. The popularity of newer social networks like Instagram is increasing rapidly, but users tend to adopt those platforms in addition to Facebook, rather than as replacements.
    Publication Date: 4/5/2016
    Topics: Tablet Users
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: The once fast-growing tablet market in Western Europe will tail off as Europeans increasingly choose large-screen smartphones as their primary mobile device, eMarketer predicts.
    Publication Date: 12/9/2015
    Topics: Mobile Apps; Performance Benchmarks
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: Mobile app install fraud is a growing issue for many, and especially for Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern countries who top the list for highest click fraud.
    Publication Date: 10/20/2015
    Topics: Mcommerce
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: Smartphone and tablet owners in the UK are incredibly likely to use their mobile device at some point in the shopping process. Large proportions also use their devices to make the final purchase.
    Publication Date: 9/28/2015
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Industries: Automotive
    Context: There's a lot fuss being made about self-driving cars and tech companies getting involved in the automotive industry. According to some sources, though, UK consumers remain unmoved. In fact, they are some of the least interested consumers in the world when it comes to combining the worlds of cars and tech.