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    Publication Date: 9/12/2017
    Topics: Smartphones
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: The majority of smartphones shipped in Indonesia still cost less than $200, but manufacturers are enticing users to move upmarket by adding features while keeping costs locked down.
    Publication Date: 8/25/2017
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Industries: Wi-Fi
    Context: Google’s plan for growing its advertising audience in Indonesia is banking on a network of free Wi-Fi spots in the country.
    Publication Date: 8/10/2017
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Indonesia-based ride-hailing firm Go-Jek just acquired ticketing service Loket as part of its bid to become Southeast Asia’s WeChat.
    Publication Date: 6/6/2017
    Topics: Social Media Users
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Remember Path? The photo-focused social network, which launched just a month after Instagram was released to the world, has found an audience in Indonesia thanks to circumstances unique to the market. But the service has already been supplanted by Facebook’s Instagram.
    Publication Date: 5/16/2017
    Topics: Mobile Payments
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Indonesia’s Emtek is working hard to establish its digital payment bonafides through acquisitions. And its messaging platform BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) may serve as the gateway for consumers moving to a cashless world.
    Publication Date: 4/28/2017
    Topics: Payment Methods
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Those making online purchases in Indonesia still reach for cash when paying for goods and services. But Ant Financial has made some aggressive moves in establishing digital payment platforms for a population adopting smartphones.
    Publication Date: 4/17/2017
    Topics: Digital Video
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Tutorials are the most heavily subscribed type of channel among YouTube users in Indonesia.
    Publication Date: 4/17/2017
    Topics: Brand Marketing; Marketing Tactics
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Industries: Healthcare & Pharma
    Context: In the midst of Fonterra’s ongoing campaign to promote its Anlene brand of bone health products, eMarketer’s David Green spoke with Rohini Behl, marketing director of Fonterra Brands Indonesia, about the New Zealand-based dairy cooperative’s strategy to have a conversation about women’s health.
    Publication Date: 4/14/2017
    Topics: Mobile Payments
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Ant Financial continued its aggressive moves into markets in Asia, this time by partnering with Indonesia’s BlackBerry Messenger operator, the media conglomerate Emtek Group.
    Publication Date: 4/12/2017
    Topics: Digital Shoppers & Buyers; Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Most digital shoppers in Indonesia are starting their path to purchase on desktop computers, a move that seems unusual at first glance since the country is known to be a mobile-first market.
    Publication Date: 3/6/2017
    Topics: Mobile Messaging
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: BlackBerry Messenger has attempted an ecommerce play in Indonesia to move beyond its core function of messaging—and to stave off threats from WhatsApp and Line.
    Publication Date: 2/28/2017
    Topics: Digital Ad Spending; TV Ad Spending
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Television reigns as the advertising vehicle of choice across industries in Indonesia. SK Biswas, COO of Dentsu Aegis Network Indonesia, offers eMarketer’s David Peter Green a wide-angle view of Indonesia’s advertising ecosystem, including drivers of overall ad spending and what’s holding back digital.
    Publication Date: 2/14/2017
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: As ride-hailing service Grab grows, digital payment services like Kudo’s will emerge as an important way to extend its array of offerings to underbanked consumers.
    Publication Date: 2/1/2017
    Topics: Email Marketing
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Email is a dependable method of marketing communication in many markets, including Indonesia. More than three in 10 email users there reported that getting promotions from retailers was one of the main reasons they checked their email.
    Publication Date: 1/31/2017
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Demographics: Teens
    Context: Ghani Kunto, business development director, IlmuOne Data, has observed the digital lifestyles of teens in Indonesia—a country that is itself “going through puberty, still trying to find its identity,” he said. eMarketer’s Dustin Sodano spoke with Kunto about how internet access and social media affect the behaviors of teens in Indonesia.
    Publication Date: 1/19/2017
    Topics: Influencer Marketing
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Nearly two-thirds of internet users in Indonesia use Facebook to follow influencers, and nearly 50% also use websites and YouTube.
    Publication Date: 1/17/2017
    Topics: Payment Methods; Mobile Payments
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Go-Jek is one of the few "unicorns" to emerge in Southeast Asia, building a billion-dollar valuation on its popular motorbike-hailing app. But it has recently found new success in its digital payment service, GoPay.
    Publication Date: 12/22/2016
    Topics: Holiday & Seasonal Shopping; Digital Shoppers & Buyers
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Like China’s Singles’ Day, Indonesia’s Harbolnas is a day dedicated to digital retail, marked by sales and other promotions. And participation is growing rapidly.
    Publication Date: 12/14/2016
    Topics: Mobile Messaging
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Eclipsed in other markets, BBM has a large user base in Indonesia. A deal with online marketplace Bukalapak is a step in BBM’s efforts to develop a broad platform similar to WeChat.
    Publication Date: 12/8/2016
    Topics: Digital Shoppers & Buyers
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Consumers in Indonesia between 18 and 34 are driving double-digit growth rates in online shopping in this Southeast Asia country. The group’s combination of higher-than-average internet penetration, coupled with a greater propensity to buy online, is fueling ecommerce growth.
    Publication Date: 11/23/2016
    Topics: Mobile Advertising; Mobile Messaging
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Even as Indonesia’s base of mobile users continues to grow rapidly, marketers are still struggling to find effective methods to reach them. Research suggests many of the country’s mobile users either don’t click on ads or only do so accidentally. Nevertheless, some marketers are finding that ads within smartphone messaging apps are seeing better results.
    Publication Date: 9/19/2016
    Topics: Programmatic Ad Spending
    Geographies: Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam
    Context: Like those in other regions, marketers in Southeast Asia are increasing their programmatic ad spending. Recent forecasts suggest companies in Indonesia and Malaysia currently lead the region in programmatic ad investment, though the dollar figures remain small in comparison to more mature markets.
    Publication Date: 7/19/2016
    Topics: Smartphones
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Research into the smartphone habits of users in Indonesia point to key age-specific differences in preferred device brands, smartphone activities and ownership of multiple phones.
    Publication Date: 6/23/2016
    Topics: Social Media Users
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Nearly 90% of mobile internet users ages 16 to 35 in Indonesia have used Facebook in the past week, but Instagram is proving to be more popular among the youngest ones.
    Publication Date: 5/23/2016
    Topics: Video-on-Demand (VOD)
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Subscription streaming giant Netflix is in the midst of a concerted global expansion effort, with the company launching its service in more than 130 new markets in 2016. But even as Netflix expands, it faces consumer challenges in markets such as Indonesia, where unreliable internet access and high rates of piracy may hold back adoption.
    Publication Date: 4/11/2016
    Topics: Mobile Messaging; Mobile Apps
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Three of the five most popular mobile apps in Indonesia are messaging apps, according to January 2016 research. Low cost and convenience are contributing to their popularity, with the total number of messaging app users in Indonesia primed to see double-digit growth over the next three years.
    Publication Date: 2/23/2016
    Topics: Digital Shoppers & Buyers; Social Media Usage
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Most young adults in Indonesia who use Instagram follow digital retailers on the image-oriented social network. The most popular merchants to follow are in the fashion business.
    Publication Date: 2/11/2016
    Topics: Social Media Usage
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Facebook is king of the social networks among younger adults who use the mobile internet in Indonesia, but Instagram is not far behind, according to January research.
    Publication Date: 8/29/2017
    Topics: Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: China
    Context: Tech firms in China continue reaching into Southeast Asia to keep their growth on the upswing. This time it’s ride-hailing firm Go-Jek benefitting from’s largesse.
    Publication Date: 5/5/2017
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: China
    Context: China’s Tencent moves into Indonesia via a reported investment in ride-hailing service Go-Jek, which has diversified to provide a range of online services.
    Publication Date: 9/26/2017
    Topics: Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Indonesia; Philippines; Thailand
    Context: Alibaba is bringing its C2C marketplace to Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, a continuation of its designs to conquer the region.
    Publication Date: 4/20/2017
    Topics: Mobile Payments
    Geographies: Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore
    Context: Ant Financial’s designs on expansion in Southeast Asia have been substantial and show no signs of abating in 2017. In its latest move, the company absorbed ecommerce platform Lazada’s payments operation with an eye to the future.
    Publication Date: 4/4/2017
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Indonesia
    Context: Grab acquired Indonesian digital payment service Kudo, which targets unbanked and underbanked customers by letting them process digital payments through a network of more than 400,000 agents.
    Publication Date: 1/20/2017
    Topics: Mobile Games
    Geographies: Indonesia; Philippines; Thailand; Vietnam
    Context: Consumers are spending big on mobile games in Southeast Asia, where people's high level of engagement and the apps' increasing popularity with younger gamers is leading to expanding revenues for game companies.
    Publication Date: 12/9/2016
    Topics: Social Commerce; Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam
    Context: Facebook appears to be in strong position to take a leading role in the social commerce space in the region, where digital purchasing is still in the early stages but users are young and mobile.
    Publication Date: 11/29/2016
    Topics: Mobile Messaging
    Geographies: China; India; Indonesia
    Context: China and India alone make up more than one-third of the world’s mobile messaging app users, according to eMarketer’s new estimates.
    Publication Date: 10/25/2016
    Topics: Computers; Digital Shoppers & Buyers; Smartphones; Tablets
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific; India; Indonesia; Thailand; Vietnam
    Context: Digital buyers in urban areas in Asia-Pacific are much more likely to use smartphones to make digital purchases than any other device, according to April 2016 polling. In Delhi, India, for example, nearly 100% of those surveyed said they bought via smartphone, while less than 20% had used a desktop or laptop.
    Publication Date: 9/2/2016
    Topics: Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand
    Industries: Retail
    Context: Southeast Asia has all the ingredients for a promising ecommerce market—rising internet and mobile penetration, a growing middle class with greater discretionary spending, and an increasing supply of digital platforms. Still, many challenges continue to hamper ecommerce growth in the region.
    Publication Date: 3/31/2016
    Topics: Mcommerce
    Geographies: India; Indonesia
    Context: According to 2015 data, mcommerce transactions in Southeast Asia and India make up 25% of ecommerce purchases among digital retailers in the region. Smartphones, rather than tablets, account for the vast majority of this mobile purchase activity.
    Publication Date: 3/18/2016
    Topics: Mobile Apps
    Geographies: Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand
    Context: Smartphone users across Southeast Asia are continuing to download a few new apps each month, according to 2015 research. Social networking, along with utilities apps, are likely drivers of this.
    Publication Date: 2/17/2016
    Topics: Smartphones
    Geographies: Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Thailand
    Context: Smartphone habits vary across Southeast Asia, according to 2015 research. But in all markets, users spend hours each day with mobile.
    Publication Date: 12/30/2015
    Geographies: Indonesia; Thailand; Vietnam
    Industries: Digital Travel
    Context: Digital channels have added to the wealth of information available about travel destinations around the world, and internet users in Southeast Asia have added a number of web-based options as they research their next trip.
    Publication Date: 12/11/2015
    Topics: Digital Retail Practices
    Geographies: Indonesia; Philippines; Thailand
    Industries: Personal Care & Beauty; Apparel & Accessories
    Demographics: Females
    Context: Millions of women in Southeast Asia have taken to selling goods online to stake out digital-based careers for themselves or supplement their income, according to August 2015 research. In Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, sizeable percentages of female internet users are now digital sellers.
    Publication Date: 9/28/2017
    Topics: Digital Ad Spending; Mobile Ad Spending
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Digital ad spending in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam is poised to swell thanks to heavy mobile investment across the region.
    Publication Date: 5/9/2017
    Topics: Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Singapore
    Context: Garena has emerged from its mobile gaming roots to provide users with a range of online services, hitting unicorn status along the way. With new funds and a rebranding, it aims to take on ecommerce in Indonesia.
    Publication Date: 4/25/2017
    Topics: Smartphones
    Geographies: India
    Context: Smartphones command a smaller share of mobile phone sales in India than in more advanced markets like the US, as well as in similarly emerging markets like Indonesia. But smartphone adoption over the next few years is projected to be robust.
    Publication Date: 7/21/2016
    Topics: Digital Video Advertising
    Geographies: Thailand
    Context: More desktop digital video ads are served in Thailand per day on at least one platform than any other country in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, Indonesia leads the region in daily mobile video ads—with evidence of rising completion rates.
    Publication Date: 12/22/2015
    Topics: Digital Travel Sales
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Digital travel sales in Asia-Pacific will rise by almost 20% to $139.12 billion in 2015, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast for digital travel sales around the world.
    Publication Date: 12/16/2015
    Topics: Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Industries: Retail
    Context: Retail ecommerce sales in Asia-Pacific will hit $877.61 billion in 2015, up 35.7% from 2014. For the first time, the region will not only have the largest digital retail market in the world, but its share of global digital retail spend will also reach 52.5%—the first time it holds an outright majority of the world market.
    Publication Date: 11/25/2015
    Topics: Social Media Users
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Southeast Asia has some of the highest penetration of social network usage among internet users of anywhere in the world, according to eMarketer’s first-ever forecast for the region, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.